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Jan '10

Hawaii & Me

To begin my posts about Hawaii I thought I would tell you a little about my history with the islands.  Why would you want to hear what I have to say about Hawaii versus all the other guides and information out there?  Well…it’s all about the aloha. 

One of the meanings of aloha is love and that is what permeates all my thoughts on Hawaii.  When I am in such a special place it is hard not to love myself and everyone around.  If love is the highest expression of our humanity, it is given all it needs to thrive in these islands.  When people talk about the spirit of Aloha they are talking about the spirit of the Hawaiian people and their gentle welcoming ways.  Aloha is also a greeting, both hello and goodbye.  By way of personal history, my mother is part Hawaiian, so Hawaii is in my blood in more ways than one.  While having family in the islands certainly makes it easy for me to feel like I’m coming home every time I go, this feeling is shared by many non – Hawaiians.  The peaceful beauty, the music of nature, the healing colorful waters, the fragrant blooms – if this isn’t what home feels like to you, I think it should be. :)

I wasn’t quite lucky enough to be able to grow up in Hawaii, most of my younger years were spent in San Diego, CA.  Not bad, I know, but Hawaii takes California’s beauty, surf and relaxed attitude to a height unattainable outside of the most isolated island chain on earth.  But after a particularly difficult time in my twenties, and after having spent time living outside the U.S., in NYC and traveling all over, I came back to the place that has always called my spirit in a very special way.  Coming back to Hawaii with the intent to make it my permanent home was among the best decisions I have ever made.  The islands truly did heal me.  I spent months in the beginning just visiting all the islands, finding unique and nearly undiscovered locations and connecting with family and my mother’s culture.  My earlier visits and being taught about the culture from another point on the globe was important to my understanding of Hawaii, but nothing taught me about that part of my heritage the way living among the people and basking in the land (aina in Hawaiian)could do. 

I am confident that no matter how much information you accumulate or how many plans you make (even if I made them for you), Hawaii will surprise you with unexpected gifts that lure you off task and into sweet adventures.  But it does help to have a path to start out on and someone local and in love with the place to show you around.  So allow me to share a few of the finer aspects of these glorious islands with you.  And I hope that you discover as I always have, that you cannot imagine all this beauty not having been created by an intelligent designer and thank God.


Jan '10

Balance 2010

Happy New Year and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

I’m a big planner, so indulge me a bit as I lay out my goals, or at least hopes for what I might accomplish with this blog and this new year.  I rarely make resolutions as I see so few completed; but as we begin a new decade I thought just putting down in print a direction couldn’t hurt.  So…the direction is both lofty and simple…balance. 

I think we all gain a little more of it each year anyway, but I have a tendency to become single-minded over some things.  For example, I love to bake and cook, okay, and eat.  Luckily I also love to walk/hike/bike/kayak,etc.  One of my favorite things in life has always been walking on a beach, every morning and every evening.  Here’s the catch, over the holidays I’ve been spending most of my time with my boyfriend in the Northeast, the very north of the east.  And it is cold, and we are not so east that we have an ocean.  I am learning to make peace with the gym, but it is a slow process; my metabolism however is even slower.    So balance in my weight is needed.  I will attempt to share that struggle as honestly as possible and pass along any gems I might discover.

My work requires constant travel, I left a well paying job several years ago in order to do this and satisfy my love of travel.  Last year however, I found something, rather someone that I love even more than travel.  He hates travel.  Ugh.  I hate not being able to share all the places I go with him by my side.  Thus my job has lost some of its sheen.  Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to write books and to contribute to that wonderful world where anything is possible and adventures await with the turn of a page.  For a long time now I have started and stopped novels and poems, never believing the limited amount of time I had to give them was sufficient to make them worthy.  Alas, it is my plight that I must earn my living  though.  Last year I was given the most important gift of my life – the love of my life, and with that blessing I feel that I must step into who I have been waiting to be, to do what I was born to do.   And so it seems it is time for me to try to blend the things I love into meaningful work.  In an effort to bring to the fore my own true voice again, I offer this blog. 

I hope in this blog not to only regain my voice but explore how I might bring my love of travel, music, food, photography, the outdoors, the oceans, waterfalls, movies, opera, plays, reading, writing, and my beloved Hawaii into a vocation.  Specifically, I hope in the next year to begin taking classes again at the age of 35, thereby bringing the balance of  my work and my wished for work closer to reality; bring my body back into balance with exercise in moderation, good food in moderation, travel at a slightly more than moderate level and love to excess.

I feel that love has given me breath again and I owe that renewed vigor to the amazingly talented and generous man who worked all day yesterday getting me set up to begin this new journey.  To him and to God I give all my gratitude and heart.  I start off this year eager to be better, but thankful for the places I have been and the people who share my life and give me so much of themselves.  I may be focusing on a balance of weight and work this year, but I am wealthy beyond measure in matters far more important.

So, having shared a bit about me , welcome to my island.  I endeavor to regale you with great culinary feats and inspire you with travel adventures and insider secrets to the great islands of Hawaii.  I hope you will share your stories and ideas with me as well.  

Aloha,  Lona

Dec '09

Hawaii Rocks!